Food Consumption Affects The Environment

Our world is not getting better. Earth has recovering power from the damage it takes, but with the level of damage we bring, Earth needs help. Looking back 10 years ago, global warming became a heated topic. Today, global warming is still getting worst. How does your food consumption affect our planet? It’s time to make a change folks.


The Carbon Footprint: Eating Meat

According to statistics, new restaurants serving primarily steaks are on the rise. Salad bars are not common because there’s a little market for it. Imagine how many animals needed to be slaughtered just to run a restaurant in dinner cruise in Amsterdam. We are talking about hundreds of pigs and cows. So how does eating meat affects the planet? These animals release nitrogen that causes our planet to trap heat. Farms will keep up with the production requirement because there is such a high demand for it.

Vegetables are Just for Decoration

steakWhat did you notice about the food you eat? If you eat a burger with voucher codes to get discount, you’ll get probably a slice of tomato or two. You’ll also get a small cut of a lettuce leaf, but the star is always the patty. Vegetables are just for decoration instead of being the main food source. Not only eating fatty proteins is dangerous for your health, but it is also affecting food production. A farmer producing vegetables and fruits will have a little share of the market. Some of them will even convert their farm to a slaughterhouse simply because that’s how the people buy food.

The Use of Wood in Cooking

Let us give you some thoughts about your favorite steak. The chef might use an oven which will require woods. The food industry is one of the reasons why illegal loggers cannot cease to exist. They won’t cease to cut wood until there is no tree standing in Amsterdam City walking and top sightseeing tour spots. These trees serve as heat converters. They release oxygen so you can have fresh air to breath. In return, they will be cut to give us pleasure. Do you see how unfair humans can be?