Dilemmas of Farmers Overseas

asian farmer

Being a farmer is both fun and challenging. The demands for your crop may change which determines the price of your earnings. Let us discuss the unmet needs of farmers on a large scale. If you are a farmer in a first world country, you are lucky. Most of you got support and funding from the government. But if we look closely on the lives of the farmers overseas, they have so many unmet needs.

Standards are High But the Prices are Low

Here’s the problem, farmers need to have middlemen to do the negotiations for them, especially if their products are meant to be exported. The standards for exported goods are incredibly high. If that so, why farmers are not getting good pay? A kind of pay that’s good enough for them to afford Amsterdam sights city trip must see tour. The huge pay cut goes to the middlemen. And sometimes, the harsh truth about this is their government is the middleman.

Lack of Funding and Government Assistance

Most of the farmers overseas don’t own land. They have to lease the land in order for them to plant. The concept is similar to rental cars promo code coupon & discounts. It’s a no-brainer that these farmers would need some funding from the government but financial support seems aloof. What farmers do is they borrow money and promise to pay banks or private individuals with interest. We feel sorry for these farmers. It’s heartbreaking if you think about the back-breaking work they had to do only to pay huge interests after each harvest.


Follow The Demand as Basis What to Plant

If you look at the common ingredients in the market today, you’ll see familiar names. They are palm oil and starch. This dilemma is world-wide. Farmers have to follow the demand as a basis on what they should plant. Diversity of crops would be ideal to get the Amsterdam central Heineken experience. It will help in preserving forests and will give freedom to farmers on what to produce. But then, the demand dictates everything.